May 1, 2016

The main thing is to keep the Maine thing the Maine thing…

The Maine Caucus is done, and Mitt Romney won.  That should be the end of the story… but it’s not.  The story twists, dips, curls and backflips with a couple of loop-de-loops.  Before we get into this roller-coaster ride, it should be noted that this is just a caucus – meaning it is not binding.  Even keeping that in mind, the progression of events and the eventual result still are both laughable AND frightening.

First there was the alleged ‘leaking’ of results not hours but DAYS before the actual caucus.  There have been numerous reports of charts/results being accidentally put out on line well in advance of the actual day of caucus.  Granted, the caucus voting period is several days long, so it is plausible that some early numbers could be released in advance.  These allegedly leaked numbers showed Romney well ahead of all other contenders and considering that Maine and New Hampshire border each other, that would not be a surprise.  The surprising thing is that the allegedly leaked numbers showed Ron Paul coming in 3rd place. 

On the actual caucus “final date”, one of the prime caucuses was cancelled due to snow, and was rescheduled for February 18th – this precinct reportedly was very much in favor of Ron Paul and also Gingrich.  The state was called as a victory for Mitt Romney, but at the time of this writing, all the ballots have yet to be counted.  It should also be noted that the caucus delegates do not have a formal ballot, but they can write whatever name they choose on any type of paper they choose – even if it were to be a bar napkin.

So with 84% or so of the vote counted, and the votes written on scraps of paper, and caucuses being given a “snow day” – it is easy to see how someone might think that sorting this caucus out is an excercise in futility.  Then again, it’s 20 delegates and if you’re the candidate down by 19 on Convention day, the main thing will be to keep the Maine thing the main thing.

Keep Watch!

Update February 13, 2012 – For the past few days the Maine GOP has been considering NOT counting the votes from the caucus that they themselves rescheduled.   Now, after several days of curious inquiry, they are considering including the ballots -  It would be a shame if the Maine GOP did not keep to their word, and the date that they scheduled, because if they do not, I humbly suggest that ALL Maine Delegates be removed from the Convention.  It is the responsiblity of a state to get their caucus in order… if they cannot do that for their own state, what confidence can the voting public have in their ability to select the right GOP candidate for the Republican Nomination.


Still Watching!

Mitt Romney ramps it up in downtown Naples

The clock is counting down to Florida’s Republican Primary election day. With less than 48 hours remaining Former Governor Mitt Romney looked confident and poised as he addressed a crowd of over 2,000 attendees in the heart of downtown Naples, FL.

Romney took time to introduce his family before beginning his speech. Despite the numerous polls showing a significant Romney lead vs. Newt Gingrich, the former Governor criticized Gingrich’s explanations for the Florida polling saying “ The excuses are over and it’s time to produce.”

Although Romney directed a portion of his speech at Barack Obama, he first talked about Gingrich’s work with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac citing it as the real reason for the former Speaker’s polling numbers in Florida “Your problem in Florida is that you worked for Freddie Mac, at a time when Freddie Mac was not doing the right thing for the American People.”

Romney went on to strike out at the President, and gave his word that Obamacare is first on his list – “On my first say I want to appeal ObamaCare and get back to free people making free choices for their own healthcare…”

The audience cheered and applauded throughout the speech, and Romney seemed very much at ease, secure in a victory indicated by many polls. With multiple ads running in every media, Romney has made a significant media spend in Florida with the assumption that it will narrow the field.

Gingrich however has made it clear that he is in it for the long haul, and will go all the way to the convention.

Both Romney and Gingrich have drawn sizable crowds in Florida, and many of those in the crowd today were from other parts of the country, and will be preparing for their own state’s primary dates.

For the Romney campaign, it was a positive day , and the GOP candidate’s mood and attitude clearly demonstrated that he believes the state is already a victory.

We’ll keep watch!

Gingrich stands for ‘American Exceptionalism’ in Coral Springs VIDEO

Coral Springs, FL – Speaking to a crowd of more than 1200 South Floridians, Newt Gingrich inspired belief in a return to greatness for the United States –“I stand for American Exceptionalism, not because you and I are exceptional -  we’re normal- but because the system we have inherited from the Founding Fathers is the most exceptional system in history.”

Here’s the video:

video courtesy of EyesOnPolitics on YouTube

The event held at the popular political hotspot, Wings Plus in Coral Springs, drew attendees from all over South Florida, to hear the man whom many in attendance believe will be the next President of the United States.  Their expectations were well met.

Despite a delay in arrival, the Former Speaker arrived to a massive crowd of enthusiastic voters and participants cheering and applauding.  After a brief introduction by grassroots leader Karin Hoffman, Newt Gingrich started by challenging Obama’s State of the Union address.  “..When he [Obama] proposed a 30% minimum tax, if he actually means it…the President last night proposed doubling the tax on capital gains which is THE engine which drives job creation in the United States, so he’s talking about killing job creation in America, something he’s been really good at doing for 3 years, and now wants to continue .”

It was at this point that Gingrich was interrupted by the one heckler, yes just one, (identified and a likely plant <appreciation to Red Broward >) in the crowd of well over 1000 people.  Sadly this interruption has become the focus of much of the ‘gotcha’ media.

Gingrich responded to the lone heckler with facts and humor, and continued focusing on the issues facing our nation “We’re not going to let her disrupt us from having a rational conversation”  He continued “I believe that to defeat Obama we need someone who is a conservative and who can stand up to him in a debate, and who can clearly draw the contrast  – between the Declaration of Independence and the writings of Saul Alinsky, between the Constitution and European Socialism, between citizens and subjects, and between job creation and food stamps”

The GOP candidate is backing up his words with an expectation of victory and challenge“… in my acceptance speech [of the Republican Nomination] I will challenge the president to 7 three-hour debates”.  He outlined that the debates should be staffed with a timekeeper but no moderator, and he expects the Obama to accept the challenge.

Gingrich also outlined the three major points he believes are distinctions between his campaign and that of the Obama Administration – Economics, Values, and National Security

See the video here

Economics – Gingrich spoke about working with Reagan, spending cuts, and in 1997 the balanced budget amendment he passed – resulting in 11million jobs and $405 billion in national debt paid off

Values – Gingrich stressed the differences between American Exceptionalism of individual soveriegnty and the European Model where Government is soverign and people are subjects. “Obama is confused about what country he’s in” Gingrich said

National Security – The former Speaker stated that “…the lesson of History is that when dictators  tell you horrible things, they probably mean it… what’s the answer to that?  The answer is an America so consistently strong, that no one would be foolish enough to take us on.” See the video below:

video courtesy of EyesOnPolitics on YouTube

Gingrich outlined these clear distinctions between what he believes, and what the Obama Administration has enacted.   He appealed to the voters in attendance, and made it clear that this Primary and general election is not just about voting.  Gingrich wants to reach all Americans, and stand side by side with them in the business of getting the country back on track. “I’m running to be the republican nominee, but I want you to understand that during the General Election I want to run an American Campaign… I did not come here today to ask you to be for me… I came here to ask you to be WITH me… it’s a big difference-  No one person, even the president, can get America back on the right track… but if you’re willing to be with us…side by side…Together, we are going to start getting America back in the right direction…”

Newt’s speech was inspiring, had strength, and was exactly what the attendees were hoping for – a clear direction for the country, and a candidate capable of leading in that direction.  One male attendee said that the Speaker had made up his mind by saying “I was really impressed with what Newt said today… I think he can unite America around itself, because we are the right country and the right people, we just have needed the right plan and the right leader.  Newt’s it…”

The Republican Primary is on Tuesday January 31st, 2012.

“Conservative Firebrand” Santorum heats it up in Coral Springs, FL.

Rick Santorum isn’t mincing words in his campaign around Florida – “I can go toe to toe with Obama. I can defeat Obama.” Santorum said to a cheering crowd in Coral Springs, Florida today.

Outside the popular Wings Plus restaurant, Santorum addressed a cheering crowd of over 200 attendees, and made it clear that his 3rd place finish in South Carolina was not going to be the norm.

“We’ve had three races. One in Mitt Romney’s backyard in the state of New Hampshire. He has a home in New Hampshire; he has campaigned there for six years. Last night we had a race in South Carolina right across the border from where Newt Gingrich was and pretty much his backyard and where he staked his claim, and they were able to win in their backyard,” Santorum continued “Well, there was one race that was in nobody’s backyard. There was one race that you had to go out and run a level playing field and compete, and we won that race.” His reference to his campaign’s victory in Iowa met with applause and cheers from the attendees.

There were several other times in his approximately 50 minute address, where Santorum took swipes at both Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney. When referencing Mitt Romney, he spoke on the former Governor’s record “You look at the record of someone who was the governor of Massachusetts and, well, didn’t necessarily govern all that conservatively…” With Gingrich, the former Senator called Newt’s conservativism into question by proxy “You look at someone who was speaker of the House, and again, these are friends, I know they are good people, but when Newt was speaker of the House, well, within three years the conservatives within the House of Representatives tried to throw him out, and in the fourth year they did. Why? Because he wasn’t governing as a conservative,” Santorum said. “He didn’t live up to all the hype.”

When speaking about his own record, Santorum called himself a “conservative firebrand” who other Republicans went to when they needed a hand with legislation. He lauded the efforts he made while he was serving in office – “We were the ones standing up and fighting” and stating “I was the GO-TO guy.”

Santorum also spoke on the threat that Israel faces with if Iran is allowed to produce nuclear weapons, and put Iran on notice that under a Santorum Presidency his message would be simple regarding their development or assembly of a nuclear weapon: “Dismantle it, or we will dismantle it for you”.

The Former senator advised the attendees that people should view this election seriously, and that the election would be pivotal in the history of the United States. If the enthusiasm of the crowd was any indicator, Santorum’s words stoked a fire already burning in the hearts of many Floridians.

His speech was fluid and relaxed, giving no sign of a slow-down after the 3rd place finish in South Carolina.

Santorum hit on issues of key importance to area voters such as Israel and as he mentioned early in his speech, TRUST. “Trust is a big issue in this election. Who do you trust who is going to do what they say they are going to do?”

Florida and the country are going to have the opportunity to make that decision of “who to trust” in the coming weeks and months. Former Senator Rick Santorum’s appearance and speech today demonstrated that he is willing to provide another choice for American voters. With the Florida Primary nine days away, Santorum has the opportunity to heat up the Republican primary race further by securing a victory in the Sunshine state.

Keep Watch!

Obama pushes “pause” on SOPA… but WHY?

On Monday, the POTUS pushed the “pause” button on SOPA.  No, he did not kill the bill – it is still sitting there, waiting to continue its march toward a vote, but the question that is being batted about now is “Why?”.  Why did Obama temporarily stop the forward progress of this bill?

There are a few possibilities on this that may or may not be readily apparent.  It is important to note, before exploring these possibilities,  that this opposition from the White House to the SOPA and PIPA legislation in no way takes the legislation off the table, and that we all as Americans need to be especially watchful in the coming days and weeks.  The possibilities on this opposition from Obama towards SOPA are varied, but are worth exploring.

1)      He is trying to boost his approval rating

This is the most likely reason for Obama’s public opposition to this legislation.  With the election season looming ahead and “strong” approval numbers ranging between 21% and 25%,

Robert Ariail is arguably one of the greatest political cartoonists in recent history - click on the picture above to see more of his work

the President may be attempting to garner favor from those who oppose SOPA – basically the majority of internet using Americans, but more specifically, the younger generation… you know, the ones that were his ENTHUSIASTIC supporters in the 2008 election.

2)      This is a publicity stunt

The SOPA legislation has been stopped temporarily, but it is unlikely that it will stay still for long.  It will make its way to a vote, and if passed by the House (unlikely) AND passed by the Senate (probable), it would eventually land on the President’s Desk to be signed in to law.  The President has the power to veto it, but most like would not .  “WHY NOT?” you say… “People would HATE him EVEN MORE!!”.  Wrong.  By opposing the legislation now, before it reaches the BIG Desk, Obama gives himself an “immunity” statement:  “I opposed this legislation, to properly address the concerns voiced by a majority of American Citizens, but now that it has been given an affirmative vote by the duly elected representatives of the American people, I will sign it into law.”  See?  It’s a self-addressed Presidential pardon.  Neat, Huh?

3)  This is a “slight of hand” or also delay tactics

This is the most dangerous possiblity.  By opposing this legislation, the POTUS may be using an illusionist’s trick – sleight of hand.  If he is able to come out publicly opposing this SOPA and PIPA legislation, let it appear to die (while it is on hold in the House and Senate), then as the election grows closer and the majority of Americans increase their focus on the Primaries and Election, the legislation is passed in the midst of a late night Congressional session for some completely unrelated bill.  Ooops!  Now, would you like the REALLY scary part, boys and girls?  What if AFTER that SOPA and PIPA legislation is passed in such a clandestine manner, it becomes harder and harder to access political information across the Internet, because various informational, newsreporting, and political blogging websites are being sued and suppressed for violation of SOPA and PIPA laws?  ”THAT CAN’T HAPPEN!” you say (in an appropriately outraged voice).  Really?  Ask the online gambling community…

Prior to September 29th, 2006, online gambling in the United States was a profitable (and taxable) business.  HOWEVER, early in the morning of September 30th 2006, the serving Congress passed the  Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 (or UIGEA). This legislation regulates online gambling. It was added  to the SAFE Port Act as Title VIII.  (The SAFE Port Act regulates port securityand until that point had NOTHING to do with online gambling).  The UIGEA  “prohibits gambling businesses from knowingly accepting payments in connection with the participation of another person in a bet or wager that involves the use of the Internet and that is unlawful under any federal or state law.”   The act specifically excludes fantasy sports, that meet certain requirements, and legal intra-state and inter-tribal gaming. It does not expressly mention state lotteries; nor does it clarify whether inter-state wagering on horse racing is legal.  Know what the effects of that were?  As soon as THE NEXT DAY, U.S. Based banks stopped taking deposits from online gambling companies.  Many of these companies went out of business within a few months. PartyGaming, which runs, had its publicly-traded stock drop almost 60% in 24 hours as a result of the bill’s passage. The company was moved from the FTSE 100 Index to the FTSE 250 Index on October 11, 2006.  Still think it can’t happen?


The bottom line on all these possiblities is that we don’t KNOW what Obama’s real motivation is for opposing SOPA and PIPA, but based on his failure to listen to the majority of Americans on Government Provided Healthcare, The $787 BILLION dollar Stimulus package debacle, and the bailout of the auto industry – it is unlikely that he is doing it because public outcry.  It is important to remain vigilant on the SOPA and PIPA legislation, as well as any redraws and rewrites of this legislation. 

In the meantime, feel free to post a comment below with your own theory, and Keep Watch!




Wasserman-Schultz calls Romney ‘wounded’ and steams about Tea Party

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz as Chairperson of the DNC has spent the past few days making strong statements about Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney and the effects of the grassroots movement known as the Tea Party.

While inteviewing Mitt Romney on her show Starting Point,  Soledad O’Brien noted comments made by the DNC Chairwoman. Wasserman Schultz referred to Romney’s performance in New Hampshire, stating that despite his victory in the voting – “…he [Romney] came out of this primary as a wounded candidate…”

 Wasserman Schultz made those sentiments at a ‘Politics and Eggs’ breakfast hosted by both the New Hampshire Institute of Politics and The New England Council.

With much appreciation to their services TPW recognizes that this video is provided courtesy of C-SPAN

A few minutes later in that same event the DNC Chairwoman Wasserman Schultz responded to the question “The American People are losing faith in Congress, I think it is because of a lack of civility, What can be done to bring back that civility?” by blaming the effects and actions of the grassroots Tea Party movement for the shootings in Tuscon and the majority of incivility in American Politics today.  Her comments though seemingly hesitant, left no doubt on her opinion of where the fault lies for the questioned ‘incivility’:

“… we need to make sure that we tone things down particularly in light of the Tuscon tragedy of a year ago…the discourse in America has really changed… I hesitate to place blame, but I have noticed it take a very precipitous turn toward edginess and the lack of civility with the growth of the Tea Party Movement…” – Debbie Wasserman Schultz, DNC Chairwoman – Jan. 11th, 2012

With much appreciation to their services TPW recognizes that this video is provided courtesy of C-SPAN

It is well known that the job of the Chairpersons of both the DNC and the RNC is to promote or spin for thier own political Party, but by her statements regarding Former Gov. Romney’s performance and her odious malignment of the Tea Party,  Wasserman Schultz has apparently taken ‘spin’ to mean ‘lie’.   It may be that the DNC Chairwoman just does not have all the facts, and in the interest of education and keeping the record straight, this article will attempt to correct her ’spin’.

Wasserman Schultz has mentioned numerous times that because of his showing in the New Hampshire Republican Primary, Mitt Romney is a ‘wounded candidate’.  Yet Romney’s 39.3% final vote percentage is higher that Barack Obama’s 36.45% final vote, and even higher than Hillary Clinton’s 39.09% final vote during the ‘Live Free or Die’ state’s 2008 Democratic Primary.  It should also be noted that Debbie Wasserman Schultz was a strong supporter of the former First Lady’s candidacy, so perhaps she is just jealous of  Candidate Romney’s numbers.

The comments and presumtions made by the DNC Chairwoman concerning the effects and actions of the Tea Party are significantly more deceptive and vitriolic.  Though Liberal/Progressives  continously refer to the grassroots Tea Party movement as “violent’, ‘extremist’, and ’dangerous’,  the incidence of  verified (not speculated or implied) violence occuring at the THOUSANDS of Tea Party events held nationwide in the past few years is below 20 incidents.  Furthermore, attributing the tragic shooting of Representative Gabrielle Giffords to the grassroots Tea Party movement is irresponsible and malignant.  The shooter in that incident (we will not mention his name here due to the disgust it causes our staff and hopefully our readers) has been thoroughly investigated and has been found to be a mentally unstable, anarchistic, anti-government, and a convicted drug offender, with no ties to any local or nationwide Tea Party organization.  

By contrast, the effects and efforts of the ”Occupy” Movement have been supported byDebbie Wasserman Schultz.  The DNC Chairwoman has stated in an inteview on MSNBC about the ‘Occupy’ protesters, “We understand their frustration, we applaud their activism …”.  The ‘Occupy’ Movement has only been  active worldwide for about 6 months, but has already had hundreds of verified incidents of violence, including several incidents of rape, incidents of sex with a minor, incidents of drug distribution and use,  at least one murder, and one suicide.

The comments of Debbie Wasserman Schultz have not just been disturbing to a great number of Republicans nationwide, it has also gotten attention (and a tirade or two) from some none-too-pleased radio personalities as well.  On Glenn Beck’s network, Radio Hosts Pat Gray and Stu Burguiere had some choice words about the DNC Chairwoman.  Here is the clip from their 4th Hour program (you really should watch this):

We hesitate to say so, but that clip is irreverantly funny…


The criticisms and opinions of Debbie Wasserman Schultz have continued to bounce around the Medias, both online and across the airwaves. She will probably continue to speak out without worry of her position, since she is quite frequently towing the Democrat Party line, and since this election season has failed to produce a viable Republican candidate to run against her in her home Congressional District, CD-20 FL.  It may be though, that out of the very grassroots Tea Party movement she blames, a candidate will stand up to challenge her, saving the ears and the blood-pressure of the majority of Republicans nationwide.

Until then, journalists and bloggers will have to continue to exercise their First Amendment rights, to keep educating and informing Party Chairpeople and citizens alike!

Keep Watch!



Saving Colonel West?

January 5th, 2012 – Redistricting in Florida is causing an outcry from South Florida and a ‘call to arms’ effort to keep Florida Congressional District 22 leaning slightly Republican, and in the hands of Allen West. 

There can be no doubt that the new redistricting rules for Florida are a twisted mess of litigation.  Moreover, the language in the Amendments passed does nothing to ensure objective revision of the districts, choosing instead to allow for subjective and irrelevant assessment of congressional districts.  Language such as this – “Legislative districts may not be drawn to favor or disfavor an incumbent or political party. Districts shall not be drawn to deny racial or language minorities the equal opportunity to participate in the political process and elect representatives of their choice.” – create a horrible precedent of ambiguity in the decision.  “Racial or Language minorities”?  After searching extensively through Florida state law, the staff of the Political Watchman hasn’t been able to find any case or place where there is a definition of what a “LANGUAGE MINORITY” exists.  Thus the danger that now faces Florida’s redistricting. 

One of the highest profile potential victims of this subjective redistricting is Congressman Allen West.  The 22nd U.S. Congressional District has historically been slightly Republican leaning, thanks to certain sidesteps into heavily Republican neighborhoods.  Candidate Lt. Colonel Allen West benefitted from the District lines during his campaign, and secured victory in the 2010 election by a significant “get out and vote” effort by his campaign staff, and his genuine grassroots appeal.

West had the opportunity to step into the U.S. Senate race to face Bill Nelson, but declined in order continue as a U.S. Representative.  That decision to stay in the 22nd Congressional District may return to haunt Congressman West, since the District, based on the proposed redrawn lines, will now lean slightly Democrat.  That possibility has many Republicans in South Florida crying “FOUL!” and launching an email/letter writing campaign to keep the 22nd District lines in place.  Entreatments and petitions have been sent out from Republicans all throughout Broward County, including emails from members of the Broward Republican Executive Committee.

In an atmosphere where the majority of Americans want ‘straight shooting’, efforts of ANY political party, group or special interest to influence the redistricting lines is distasteful, but that includes the pandering, subjective “politically correct” language used in the Amendments themselves.  

For Congressman Allen West, the consequences of Amendments 5 & 6, and his choice not to step in to the Senate race may be a single term in office as a U.S. Representative.  It is unfortunate that Republicans may lose the 22nd Congressional District.  It is also disheartening that Congressman Allen West may be destined for a one term political career.  The fiery, outspoken Congressman, when at his best, stands for solid conservative values.  Perhaps the redistricting of CD-22 will actually save Congressman West by helping him re-anchor himself in the values of his grassroots constituents, and placing him unshakably back on Constitutional values and governance.  For the constituents of Florida, the ramifications of Amendments 5 & 6, as well as efforts on both sides to manipulate new boundries may be much more devastating, by setting an uncertain and unstable future for a very politically influential state.  This may have been the reason that the founding fathers recommended drawing districts that were as square as possible, without being hindered by city and county lines.   Keep Watch!

Florida’s U.S. Senate Race missing a key element

Editorial by Michael MacPherson – Florida Statewide – As the months continue to drag on in the Republican Primary to determine to will top the Republican ticket, there is a key element that is missing – a candidate that can actually defeat Bill Nelson.

While Adam Hasner started out as a Grassroots favorite, and continues to be the leader in this race, his numbers and support do not demonstrate enough favorability to defeat the long-time incumbent Democrat Bill Nelson.  Additionally, Hasner’s voting record continues to be used against him, as it shows a tendency towards the moderate, rather than the hard-charging conservative stance he has made the cornerstone of his candidacy. In a straw poll held at the CPAC event in Orlando, Hasner did take 34% of the vote, but directly behind him was Col. Mike McCalister with 30% of the vote – not that great considering that McCalister is still a relative unknown, having never served as an elected official.

George LeMieux’s candidacy has continued to be plagued by associations with Charlie Crist, and Grassroots groups across the state seem to consider him the ‘establishment’ candidate.  To make matters worse, LeMieux is engaging in an insult trading match with Hasner, getting offended with Hasner’s “LeMieux is french for Crist” comment, and calling Hasner a “Phony Conservative”.  While I agree that it is inappropriate for members of the Republican Party to be actively attacking each other rather than the Liberals, if Fmr. Senator LeMieux can’t take a lightweight comment like that, it calls into question his ability to take what would be thrown at him in DC.

Mike McCalister is holding on to his grassroots support, but he isn’t gaining any real ground.  While Col. McCalister is a fiery speaker, and should be respected for his long service in our military, his fire and outrage alone will not be enough to carry him across the finish line to beat Smilin’ Bill Nelson.

Craig Miller is running in fourth by EVERY poll, and still remains a relative unknown

So what are we left with?  Allen West has made it clear that he will not run for the Senate seat, and for that I applaud him.  He is still working on the House of Representatives and should keep at that.  Mike Haridopolos has dropped out of the race to focus on his job as President of the Florida Senate – an honorable, but disappointing decision, since he probably had the best shot of all the candidates to defeat Bill Nelson.  It was also disappointing because of all the candidates, Haridopolos had been the only candidate to focus on beating Nelson, rather than attacking fellow republicans or getting lost in a fiery, outraged speeches.

In my opinion, we can only hope that the candidates will get their collective heads out of their snark and vitriol, and focus on the true task at hand… defeating Bill Nelson… because right now, that key element is missing from this Republican Senate Primary.  Still standing watch…

Same Race, New Face?

District 20 – Florida – The race against Debbie Wasserman-Schultz for the United States House of Representatives seat in Florida’s 20th Congressional District may or may not have just gotten a shot of adrenaline.  On October 4th, 2011 Ozzie deFaria announced his run for the District 20 seat that, to date, has been a candidate-killer for the Republican side of the ticket.  To all appearances, Mr. deFaria is just what the race has needed – a true businessperson, with the education and experience to recognize what will help America’s economy, and first-hand knowledge of what happens to business when government gets in the way.

Wasserman-Schultz has been relatively unchallenged in recent years, and some of the most promising Republican candidates have been fed to the sharks by their own kind.  Rep. Wasserman-Schultz is no dummy, and liberal Democrat machine she’s built has worked hard to ensure that the weakest Republican candidate is the opponent she would face in elections.  The Republican Primary of 2010 was a prime example of the Dem Machine combining with self-described ‘conservative’ infiltrators to tear down some of the most promising candidates in years, e.g. Donna Milo – a conservative contractor of Cuban descent;  Robert Lowry- an irreverent and humorous, yet highly intelligent businessman.  Both of these candidates were the subject of numerous attacks and wrongful allegations.  Both were strong candidates who were attacked by alleged conservatives.  Both were well capable of taking on Wasserman-Schultz, and were committed to doing so, but because of the Dem Machine and ‘friendly’ fire, both were passed over.  District 20 was left with the weakest, and most unqualified candidate for the Republican ticket – Karen Harrington.   Ozzie deFaria would do well to keep that 2010 race in mind.

DeFaria’s experience and education put him head and shoulders above the current field of candidates regarding matters of economy, and government involvement in business:

  • Joe Kaufman, an outspoken activist against Muslim extremism, and Islamic Terrorism. He is the founder of Americans Against Hate, has been an investigative journalist, and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Speech Communications.


  • Karen Harrington, a restaurant manager from Davie, Fl. Wife, and mother of three, as well as a cancer survivor, but apparently chose to work at her family’s business rather than attend college after High School.


  • Joe Goldner, a self-described Tea Party activist, and leads a group himself, and indicates that he graduated from John Jay College of Criminal Justice.


Recent polls have placed concern for the economy as the primary issue on the majority of American’s minds, and with Rep. Wasserman-Schultz marching in lock step to Obama’s failing economic strategies, Ozzie deFaria has been smart to continue to draw attention to Debbie’s close association with the President.

Mr. deFaria will need the support of the ‘Tea Partiers” of District 20 to take on Wasserman-Schultz, and in that he may run into a problem.  He has selected as his Campaign Manager Bryan Rudnick.  Mr. Rudnick served as the initial campaign manager to Karin Harrington in her 2010 primary race, and through his conversations with many Grassroots leaders managed to significantly alienate himself, and by extension, his candidate – who was then disinvited from speaking to those groups as long as Mr. Rudnick remained her CM. 

On the positive side, Mr. deFaria has steered a wise course with regard to the press, giving poigniant interviews to the Sun-Sentinel and, while avoiding the more inflammatory and predatory elements of the South Florida ‘journalistic’ community.

At this stage in the game, it is too early to tell what will transpire in the District 20 race, especially since the boundries of that District have yet to be determined through the redistricting process, but with his experience, education and background, Ozzie deFaria looks to take an immediate strong lead in the race… providing that the current field doesn’t gain even more additional entries… Keep Watch!

Rubio stands firm against oppressive EPA plan for Florida waters

March 10, 2011 – Over the past two decades, the EPA has used fear and fuzzy science to push crushing restrictions on many industries across the country. The most recent scheme proposed by the EPA was to set nutrient pollutant standards for the Florida’s waters. Tuesday, freshman Senator Marco Rubio asked the Senate Appropriations Committee to defund the federal agency’s Water criteria for Florida. It would have set numeric limits on Florida’s waters, about 60 percent of which EPA says are impaired.

Rubio said the cost of the standards isn’t known, but estimations put the cost at over $1 billion annually for enforcement of the new regulations. The senator from Miami is calling for the addition of his rider and a full Senate vote on the issue.

In a letter to Committee Chairman U.S. Sen. Daniel Inouye, D-Hawaii and Republican Senator Thad Cochran of Mississippi, Rubio asked them to pull the funding.

Businesses in Florida have expressed concerns that the new standards would strangle economic growth both through cost to the state, and by driving business out of Florida. Florida has no numeric standards for nutrient pollutants nitrogen and phosphorus. According to the EPA those two nutrients cause dangerous algae blooms and change water chemistry when their concentrations are too high. The standards for those concentrations were determined after Florida environmental groups sued EPA.

The environmental activist groups stated that the federal agency was not able to enforce the nation’s Clean Water Act in Florida when the state had no numeric standards for its waters. Rubio’s office states that he is planning to insert a measure in an upcoming budget resolution to bar the Environmental Protection Agency from carrying out the water standard.

The proposed rules, which would place strict numeric limits on nitrogen and phosphorus in Florida lakes, rivers and streams, have been opposed by a coalition of water management agencies, utilities, industry, business and farming groups. Environmentalists claim that the regulations would reduce the pollutants in Florida waters, and are caused by excess fertilizer, stormwater, and wastewater. Scientific evidence for those claims however, is still lacking.

Rubio says there have been “numerous concerns raised regarding the numeric nutrient criteria set by the EPA”.

As the freshman senator continues to stand strong against the manipulative and overbearing environmental groups, we here at the Political Watchman will continue to cheer his efforts.

Keep Watch!

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